ACS Australia is now dealing with all enquiries related to CRC-ACS, including on-going access to intellectual property and operations. ACS Australia can be contacted via its website:

CRC-ACS is a company funded by industry partners and Australian Government subsidy under the Co-operative Research Centre program whose purpose was to pursue common outcomes for the advancement of composites technology in Australia and around the world.

Over the 22 year history of the CRC-ACS has been recognised world wide as Australia’s foremost research and development centre in advanced composites, awarded for its success in technology development and implementation across market sectors ranging from aerospace to oil and gas.

CRC-ACS delivers technology development projects via collaboration between its 24 Participants. These include leading universities, major international businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) from Australia and an additional six countries.

Engagement and commercial operations are managed by Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia), a wholly owned subsidiary of CRC-ACS. ACS Australia delivers a competitive advantage to commercial clients seeking transformative change and partners with customers to enable innovative design, low-cost manufacture and support of application-critical composites structures. For more information see

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program is an Australian Government Initiative. The CRC program supports end-user driven research collaborations to address the major challenges facing Australia. Australia’s network of CRCs operates across all sectors of Australia’s economy and society.

Further information about the CRC program is available from;

crc aust gov